About me

 Welcome to my world!

 I’m Julia, sweet and sensual

Julia Sweet… sweet like a lollypop…


 I’d like to be an enigma for you in the first instance,

but to discover all of me through my pages



My site is about my passion: photography.


I love to be sweet like a lollypop and admired in many ways.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m not shy to pose naked.

Visit my site and meet me, know me in my private intimacy.

Sweet welcome, waiting for you to be my friends.

Kisses from Sweet Julia.


About me? I adore travels and fashion, being sexy and sweet…and ofcourse you will see me in original ipostases, very hot but always with good taste. I also like to act in short movies and I write the script myself. Streeptease is one of my favourite scenes that I love to do it…

But that is not all…

I also love to write, writing is another passion of mine. I’m full of imagination and I write romantic and erotic novels, even dirty sometimes. Some of my novels are inspired from my real life. I realy love when men and even women are excited reading my stories and seing my sensual pictures.


I’m a beginner in the web site design domain, but I would love you to discover me and have many friends.

Sweet and wet kisses from me and don’t forget to write me, I need your opinions about my hot activities and even your ideas about how to pose and in wich places.

But that is not all…GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA


I’m a real girl from the real world.


I’m inviting all of you to meet me on my juliasweet.com, my virtual world. Meet and know me. Read my novels. See my pictures. Watch my videos. Admire me! And, most important, interract with me. Despite the fact that we meet on my virtual world, I am, as I said, a real girl from the real world. So, comment my photos, leave me replies on my blog, contact me through my contact pages. Let me know your opinions about my hot activities and even your ideas about how to pose and in wich places. I promise that I’ll respond to every message from you. For the moment, I’am a begginer in the web site design domain, but I do all the work by myself, improving my skills with every post. If I can technically manage this challenge, I promise you even to put a video chat on my pages, letting you see me and my intimacy (Update on Thu 14.03.13: the WebCam/Videochat are…already available!!!). Let me know what your expectations are, excuse me for the limitations of beeing a newbie in the web site design, but let me grow in this domain under your admiring sight! Interract with me, as I’m a real girl from the real world and this is the most important and special attribute of the virtual friendship beetween me and you, my beloved admirers! Interract with me, this is an advantage for both me and you, an advantage that you can’t find in the usual adult pages spread all over the Internet. Just ask what you want for me and I promise you to be very sweet with you in my intimacy. Sweet like a lollypop. I kiss you all and all over of you!


Sweet welcome to my world…


I’m Julia Sweet…

Sweet like a lollypop…GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

The sweetest Julia you’ve ever met!

As sweet as only me can be! Sweet like Julia!

Kisses from me, kisses from Sweet Julia!


Sweet Welcome to my world…


Let yourself to become a part of it!

Let me become a part of your world.

Join me, let the dreams come true.


Julia Sweet J.S.


Kisses from Sweet Julia on my JuliaSweet.com!


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