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Sweet welcome on My Online Chat!

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Julia Sweet J.S.


Please feel free to write me as free as you want, having in view that there is neither censure nor moderator.


Online Chat DISABLED

There is some delay (some good seconds!) between the moment when you send the message and the moment when you can see it posted on the public chat room wall. Please be patient and do not write the message again meantime.

If you see me online, you can also initiate a private conversation with me, on a private chat room. This can be useful, especially if you are intending to View My WebCam, allowing us to establish online (the best choice!) the details of an (imediately) further Video Chat.

Good luck! Julia Sweet J.S.

My Quick Chat

The Public Chat Room

  • leave me an offline message if I’m not here the same time with you (valid only for logged-in users);
  • leave me an online message if I’m here the same time with you (valid only for logged-in users);
  • best option: if you see me online here, you can initiate a private conversation with me on a private chat room (put the mouse over my name in the users-online list of the public chat room and then select ”Start private chat with…”) (valid only for logged-in users).




Unfortunately, the Online Chat of my site is temporary closed due to technical reasons. :(

You still can Contact Me through the e-mail addresses of my site. :)

Fortunately, you still can chat online with me on my private Yahoo and GMail addresses which you can find HERE . ;)


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